New East Austin Location

We are Soft opening our new location in East Austin (2505 Webberville Rd), next to Fleet Coffee, on Friday, February 21. We are so excited about our new lot, and we have been working hard to get it ready to share with all of you!

We will have 2 of our trucks on Webberville Rd. First, our bus will be dedicated to just food, and will have the same menu as our North Austin brick and mortar! Second, we will have a new trailer which will be dedicated to just drinks, including an expanded menu of fresh juices, smoothies, aguas frescas, and healthy snacks. This new trailer will be branded Veracruz Juice Bar, and we will post a menu soon. Business hours will be 7am – midnight, daily for both.

Our E. Cesar Chavez location will remain open through SXSW, and after the festival we will close our beloved original location for good. It is bittersweet. That place is dear to our hearts, and holds many important memories, but at the same time we are so excited to have our own property that we own, and a larger space to do more creative things with our business.

Speaking of doing more things with more space, once we shut down our E. Cesar Chavez location, we will add a third truck to our Webberville lot dedicated just to online/pickup orders! In addition, our good friends from Churro Co. will be with us on Webberville, starting on our February 21 soft opening.

Churro Co. is composed of childhood friend duo, Leo Mendoza & David Martinez, that originated from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. It all started with a shared desire of paying homage to traditional Mexican street foods that they grew up with.  The idea was born while discussing what food reminded them of home; and “Churros!” was the answer. Using this as inspiration, the two gave the traditional Churro a twist and introduced it to Austin, Texas in 2014. Their love for food, combined with Austin, Texas’ exploratory spirit created the perfect incubator for this humble project fueled by passion and the desire to pay tribute to their roots.  We’d like to introduce you to Churro Co., we look forward to meeting you!

Churro Co>

So come see us on Cesar Chavez to say goodbye before we close, and come see us at our new E. Austin location on Webberville Rd. Starting on February 21.

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  1. This is awesome news I really really love Churro co I go there all the time when I need my fix of something good and sweet . And now my favorite taco place are going to be together in the same place this GREAT!!!

  2. I’m so happy for you! As a Latina it means a lot to me, to see my community thriving and successful 🙂 and I love the support that you are to each other!

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