Don’t Call It A Comeback

Starting on Monday, April 13, Veracruz All Natural will reopen 3 of our locations to the public! Our processes will be a little different, and our menus will be a little smaller, however we feel confident that we can serve all of our customers in a responsible way. We are also making our new Employee Health & Safety Regulations During a Time of Pandemic available on our website to be completely transparent with the public.

On March 19th we closed all of our locations to allow all our employees to home quarantine for 14 days. Although none of our employees showed any symptoms of having COVID-19, we felt this was the most responsible action to take to mitigate the spread of the virus. We also took these past few weeks to conduct a deep assessment of our health and safety procedures. Based on our assessment, and the assurance of knowing now that none of our employees are sick, we are ready to re-open in the following way.

We are opening 3 of our locations; our new East Austin location at 2505 Webberville Rd, our food truck at Radio Coffee & Beer, and our restaurant in Round Rock. Each location will be open daily, 8am-3pm. Employees working at these locations have committed to strict guidelines for their travel and activity outside of work, as well as our new work regulations.

For the time being, we will only be accepting online orders for pickup and takeout at all 3 open locations. Customers will go to our website,, to access the ordering portals. Our menu will be smaller, consisting of items with ingredients based on market availability through trusted providers. An email will be sent to customers once they have placed an order, notifying them of their pickup time.

At each location, a table will be set up outside where orders will be placed for customers to pick up. Customers will not come into contact with any employee, any food truck, nor will they step foot in our restaurant in Round Rock. Order pickup up will be completely contactless.

We are also making available Breakfast Taco Essential Kits, which are basically a bundle of ingredients, consisting of homemade corn tortillas, eggs, potatoes, produce,  and other ingredients that customers can purchase and take home to make breakfast tacos. We are really excited about this, and Chef Reyna will be posting instructional videos in the future.

We are excited to be reopening, and even though it is only 3 locations, a smaller menu, and takeout orders only, we are excited about the new systems we have put into place to do our best for the safety of both our employees and customers We are also excited to try new and creative things like the taco essentials kits.

We have included below our new added employee regulations in response to COVID-19.

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