To our dear taco lovers, it is with heavy hearts that we are closing all of our locations, effective March 19, 2020. We will miss you, and we send all of you our love and best wishes until we open back up

We will now shift our full focus over to our employees. We are fortunate that Maritza, one of our co-owners, also runs a produce company, Restaurant Box, that is one of several suppliers for Veracruz All Natural. Now, instead of stocking the restaurants and food trucks, we will be stocking the kitchens of our employees and making sure they have meals until this current health situation abates.

We know this is a tough time. Our lives and daily routines are shifting in sudden and dramatic ways. Let’s look at this as a moment in time to be more empathic; to widen our perspectives; to value the things most important in life. #KeepAustinHealthy

**COVID-19 Announcements**

Hello Taco Lovers, we want to assure you that we take the current health situation seriously, and that we are doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of both our employees and customers and to comply with the policies of our local officials.

At this time, 4 of our 5 locations will remain open. Our food truck locations at 2505 Webberville Rd and at Radio Coffee & Beer will be open from 7am-9pm daily, our restaurant in Round Rock will be open 7am-3pm daily, and our restaurant in North Austin will be open 7am-3pm daily. Our food truck at Mueller will close temporarily.

At all locations, all orders will be fulfilled as to-go only. We will also have grab and go tacos pre-made and available. Customers may order online using ChowNow (at our restaurant in North Austin and Round Rock), using Favor (all locations), and by calling locations directly (all locations). Click HERE to view individual locations with contact info. Customers who come into a location in person may only order pre-made grab and go tacos in order to avoid social gathering. 

We also ask for your patience with any menu changes we will need to make based on market product availability. We will do our best to include vegetarian and vegan options. Please be assured that our full menus will return in the future.

We admit it is a little awkward for us to convey a message like this because it is customer interaction that makes us thrive. We love serving you, and we hope you understand and deduce that our current (future), temporary policies are all based on promoting health and safety per the advice of our local officials and our best judgement. If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact us.

Listed below are other extended measures we are currently taking to dissuade the spread of COVID-19:

We have added a hand-washing station next to our porta-potties at our new Webberville Rd location as well as in front of the ordering windows.

We have added additional sanitization events to our routine cleaning schedule including sanitization of porta-potty doors, handles, soap dispensers, etc.

We have increased the frequency of sanitization of point-of-sale tablets, phones, and items with which staff normally interact.

We have replaced our self-serve salsa bottles with pre-filled salsas that we will hand directly to clients.

We have increased the number of hand-sanitizers at all of our locations for both customers and staff.

We have conducted extra trainings, and will continue to conduct trainings, with our staff covering best-practice kitchen hygiene, including topics like hand-washing and sanitization processes.

If anyone on our staff exhibits any symptoms associated with COVID-19 they cannot report to their assigned location for work. We have also given all of our employees the decision not to come to work if they feel uncomfortable given the current situation.

We are only offering customer orders as to-go or grab and go in order to ensure social distancing.

**Webberville Rd Location Now Open**

Click HERE for more details about our new East Austin location at 2505 Webberville Rd., now open 7am-9pm daily

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